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Two New Challenges for you.

It's been a while with nothing new on here and it seems the right time to throw some more challenges out there for people to consider. Remember, fic or art is welcome.

Challenge #3 - Christmas

How do you think the boys would celebrate christmas? Do you think they celebrated Christmas in Atlantis? Do the boys even celebrate Christmas? Would they do any of the normal christmas things or would they do something completely different?

That's your challenge - write something relating to christmas or the time of year in general.
Deadline is 25th December, or there abouts ;)


You could go for the New Year instead - write about any special celebration the boys might have had ;) - of course, if you pick this option - you have until 1st Jan 2009 :)

Challenge #4 - Carson's Birthday

Okay, so we don't have a canon date for Carson's B-day, so I'm using Paul's.
What gifts would Carson love and what would he hate? Is he a surprise party guy, or are you best going for the quiet retreat option?
What did Daniel do, or not do birthdays past. Hell you can even have it relate to both and do a random lists of birthdays and major details if you want!

Just run with it :)

Due date for any offerings is 5th Jan 2009.


weaselett xx
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July 8th Challenge

Hello all - yes it's me back again - with another challenge for you all, should you choose to accept!

Challenge 2#: July 8th - Daniel's Birthday

Your challenge this time, should you choose to accept it, is to relate in some form or another (art or fanfic, maybe even both ;)) the events of a Birthday, in this case Daniel's (which we have an actual canon date for) and how the boys celebrated it, or didn't: what gifts were given or weren't: anything so long as it involves Daniel's birthday in some manner: It can be pre-series, post-series, AU anything you want.

Once you're done, post your offering on July 8th.

Good luck folks

Weaselett x
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fic - one of the best

Title: one of the best [implied slash verison]
Author: weaselett
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Carson/Daniel (slight, but it's there...)
Spoilers: HUGE spoilers for The Kindred Part Two so turn back now if you haven't seen it yet.
Word Count: 575
Summary: Extended scene - includes a line of dialogue direct from the episode.
Author's Notes: This started as a large fic idea, then became a stand alone, then I decided to do two different versions - the gen version can be found here.
Beta'd by the lovely charlies_dragon

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Fic - Valetine's

Title: 2 Valentines
Author: weaselett
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Carson/Daniel
Spoilers: None - beyond maybe Rising
Word Count: 1479
Summary Two snippets from two different days, years apart
Warnings: Minor Language
Author’s Notes: Originally I had a plan for a series of 14 little snapshots, but that turned out a little too ambitious, so instead I decided to focus on these. There are some connections between these and past fics, but no knowledge of them is necessary.
Beta'd by the ever lovely charlies_dragon any mistakes left are my own. For the Valentine's Challenge.

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fififolle by nebulan

New Fic - Lessons in Love - Carson/Daniel (PG)

Title: Lessons in Love
Author: fififolle

SGA/SG-1 crossover, AU, slash, romance
Spoilers: SGA 3x17 Sunday, 4x03 Reunion and beyond, plus some SG-1 eps I've never seen, but everyone knows about Daniel, right?

I do not own these characters. This is written for fun or something. I make no money, etc.
A year after Daniel takes charge of Atlantis, he decides to send a Valentine to Carson.
Author Notes:
For the Valentine's Day Challenge for carson_daniel 

Lessons in Love
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Valentine's Challenge

I meant to post this yesterday - to give you all a full two weeks - but I got caught up in a few others things *looks apologetic*

This is the first of a few challenges for you all that will be appearing this year - no one has to take part, but I would love anyone who does ;)

Challenge 1#: Valentine

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to relate in some form or another (art or fanfic, maybe even both ;)) a Valentine's Day that Daniel and Carson spent together. It can be pre-series, post-series, AU anything you want, it just has to relate to Valentine's day. It's as simple as that.

Once you're done, post your offering on February 14th.

Good luck folks

Weaselett x
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Fic Prompts

Okay - so I am still working on HiPS - but I thought I'd make an open invitation to you all, as I am more than willing to write a lot more of this pairing.

If there is any situation you would like to see the boys in, any episodes you want to see a tag to or just any Carson/Daniel related fic prompts/requests - post a comment with them to this post - and I'll take a stab at them.

Feel free to give a desired word count (as a warning, I fail at drabbles most of the time - so no promises on that ) or rating.

As a little warning - I'm a little more busy than normal this november, so it may take me a little while to get any longer/more detailed ones done.

If I can't do the prompt you give me - I'll tell you - but I'm willing to try and write pretty much anything - so long as it involves the boys somehow :)
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fic - to be given reason

I wrote MPreg (something I never thought I'd do - but have now)

Title: to be given reason
Author: Weaselett
Rating: 15
Pairing/Character: Carson/Daniel
Word Count: 6,215
Season: AU seasons 2 and 3 SGA
Spoilers: SGA: Rising, Intruder, Duet, Critical Mass, Michael, Misbegotten and some minor spoilers for anything up to McKay and Mrs Miller
SG-1: Children of the Gods, Reckoning, Threads, Moebius
Summary: This isn’t the way they expected it to happen.
Warnings: Slash, MPreg
Author's Note: Written for daddy_beckett, beta’d by the wonderful charlies_dragon.
For the most part canon happened in the same way, but season 9 and 10 of SG-1 happened differently, so there are a few differences. This is a little different than my normal fics, but I just had to have a go.
Feedback is lovely.

to be given reason